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At Wild Wings Pizza & Things, you'll always find affordable prices. Even better is that you'll find great savings with our constantly changing promotions!
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Our Current Specials

*must have coupon

2 large pizzas and 2 liter soda - $20.99
With 1 topping each

30 piece bucket of wings $16.99
 1 bucket per coupon

1 large stromboli and 1 cheese pan pizza$21.99
Choice of 4 fillings

1 small cheese pizza and 1 large sub$13.99
1 large cheese pizza and 10 wings$15.99

2 large cheese pizzas, 2 subs, and 2 liter soda$29.99

2 large cheese pizzas and 20 wings -$29.99

2 subs and 2 fries -$17.99
Buffalo Style Wings
Get 10 pieces of wings with the flavor of your choice!
Only $6.99
Tasty Pizza
There's nowhere else to go but Wild Wings Pizza & Things when you want pizza that hits the spot! Come visit us today!
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